Who is Stacey Dash's Father?

Stacey Lauretta Dash is an American actress. Dash played Dionne Marie Davenport in the 1995 feature film Clueless and its television series of the same name.

She has also appeared in the films Moving, Mo’ Money, Renaissance Man, and View from the Top.

Other television work by Dash includes appearances in the series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Single Ladies, and the reality TV show Celebrity Circus.

Dennis Dash is the father of Stacey Dash.

Dennis Dash

Dennis Dash: Who is Stacey Dash’s Father?

Stacey Dash was born on January 20, 1967, in The Bronx, New York the daughter of Linda Dash and Dennis Dash.

Stacey Dash is of Bajan-American and Mexican descent.

Who is Stacey Dash's Father?

Dash has a stepfather, Cecil Holmes, and a younger brother, Darien Dash, who is the founder of DME Interactive, the first publicly traded African American-led website company.