Dave Filoni Wife: Who is Anne Convery?

Written by: King Bygone
Dave Filoni Wife

Dave Filoni is a renowned director, producer, and animator who has worked on popular shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and The Mandalorian. But who is the woman behind this talented man?

Who is Dave Filoni’s wife, Anne Convery?

Anne Convery is a writer and producer who has also contributed to the Star Wars universe. She wrote the short story “Kindred Spirits” for the anthology Star Wars: Dark Disciple, and co-wrote the episode “A World Between Worlds” for Star Wars Rebels. She also worked as a story editor and producer for the animated series Star Wars Resistance.

Dave Filoni Wife
Dave Filoni Wife

Anne Convery and Dave Filoni met in 2004 at a Star Wars convention in Indianapolis, where they bonded over their love for the franchise. They got married in 2016 in a private ceremony that was attended by some of their close friends and colleagues, including George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars.

Anne Convery and Dave Filoni share a passion for storytelling and creativity, as well as a deep respect for each other’s work. They often collaborate and support each other on their projects, and have a playful and loving relationship. They also have two dogs, a Jack Russell terrier named Bailey and a dachshund named Rigby, who often appear on their social media accounts.

Anne Convery and Dave Filoni are one of the most influential couples in the Star Wars fandom, as they have both contributed to expanding and enriching the lore and the characters of the galaxy far, far away. They are also an inspiration for many aspiring writers and filmmakers who want to follow their dreams and share their stories with the world.

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