Christofo) Gymifuor – Twene Jonas Drags Netizens Attacking Mzbel and Her Son Komfo Black for Rubbishing Christianity

Twene Jonas has heavily descended on Ghanaian social media users who have condemned a recent interview in which Mzbel’s son, Komfo Black, rubbished the entire Christian religion.

Komfo Black in his viral interview said he is not a Christian and does not believe there is a God who created him.


According to him, he only believes in his mother as his creator because she’s the one who carried him in her womb for nine months.

Komfo Black also said he pours libation to his ancestors.

His embrace of the African traditional religion and rubbishing of the Christian religion predictably did not sit well with many social media users in the majority Christian Ghana.

They dragged both the boy and his mother for worshipping idols.

Reacting to the brouhaha, Twene Jonas said there is no doubt that Mzbel is simply using her son to chase clout hence the f*ols attacking her and the boy should relax!

Watch Jonas below…

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