BBL, fake drugs, sugar daddy wahala, arrest, divorce etc; 6 times Fella Makafui trended on a negative note

Written by: King Bygone

Despite being very hardworking and always trying to stay out of trouble, Fella Makafui has suffered several setbacks.

From having to fight with her sugar daddy over the closure of her win shop and being invited by the police for selling unapproved drugs, Fella has had her fair share of the brutalities of life.

In this article, we are going to delve deep into all the times Fella Makafui trended and made headlines on bad notes.

  1. Closure of wine shop financed by her sugar daddy
  2. Recall that in June 2018, Fella’s wine shop was closed down by her sugar daddy who financed the whole business venture.

    Apparently, the sugar daddy who’s identity has still not been uncovered sent a set of thugs to close down the shop and bring its keys back to him after Fella allegedly cheated on him.

    Fella later shared a set of pictures online to announce the opening of a new wine shop – Which this time around, was supposedly financed from her coffers.

    2. Land Guard Sugar Daddy Takes Back His Cars

    In 2018 also, Alhaji whom Fella Makafui was dating and financing also went into Archie Bonkers

    It has been said that Fella Makafui managed to convince her Alhaji that she and Medikal’s “love affair” was just for a movie or say a publicity stunt.

    However, the gang of young boys Alhaji keeps close to him exposed him to the truth, partly, according to reports, due to their dislike of Fella Makafui.

    They reportedly snitched on Fella Makafui and the account they gave the Alhaji of Fella and Medikal’s relationship got him angry.

    He reportedly sent his boys to retrieve the vehicles he had given Fella Makafui as gifts.

    This afternoon, the Alhaji reportedly collected all 3 cars he gave her which included a BMW X6, a Range Rover Evoque and a Ford Mustang – all the cars were registered in his name, not hers.

    3. Fella Makafui snatches Medikal from Sister Derby

    In 2019, Fella Makafui made her relationship with Medikal official.

    This followed after she successfully snatched the rapper from Sister Derby.

    In a song with Eno, Sister Derby recounted ow Fella Makafui became an intruder in her relationship

    According to her, Fella was always texting Medikal and craving his attention, which she eventually got.

    “I was with my boyfriend now my ex when you dey text text plenty plenty”, Deborah sang

    4. BBL Saga

    In a series of videos, Medikal, who’s now Fella’s ex-husband disclosed that he spent thousands of dollars for Fella Makafui to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure in Nigeria and Turkey.

    He explained that after the birth of their daughter, Fella became increasingly conscious of her body and urged him to finance the surgical procedures.

    Medikal stated that Fella believed the effectiveness of her slim tea, corsets, and flat tummy products would be more convincing if people saw the results on her.

    5. Clash with FDA over the sale of unapproved drugs

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, Fella Makafui was invited by the police as a result of a collaborative effort between investigative documentary filmmaking firm ISPYGH 247 and the Pharmacy Council Ghana.

Fella Makafui was charged with the sale of unregistered drugs, false advertising, and the dissemination of unapproved advertisements by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

The arrest followed after a six-month surveillance operation led by ISPYGH 247, during which lead investigator Akwasi Koranteng and his team of undercover journalists closely monitored Fella Makafui’s social media activity on platforms like TikTok and Instagram

6. Fella Divorces Medikal

On 18th May 2024, Beyond Kontrol, CEO Medikal opened up on his failed marriage with actress Fella Makafui after less than 4 years as a couple.

Medikal in a video claimed that Fella Makafui told him to his face that their marriage was over after he questioned her.

According to him, Fella Makafui without informing him travelled to Dubai to spend some days but he got to know about it after a blogger shared the picture online and this was because she wasn’t talking with him.

He added that even though he wasn’t informed about the trip, he took it cool but upon her return, he noticed she was not wearing her wedding ring which prompted him to question her about it.

Medikal alleged that Fella Makafui responded by saying the marriage was over because she could no longer continue with the marriage after everything she had heard from people.

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