Baba Sadiq Confronts Stonebwoy: What Really Happened?

Written by: Kay Rico

Baba Sadiq Abdulai Abu has finally communicated with popular musician Stonebwoy and his manager, Chief, following their failure to attend a reportedly pro bono booking at his recent music event. The missed performance had sparked significant speculation and concern among fans and event organizers alike.

Abu disclosed that he had been trying to reach Stonebwoy and his management since the no-show, seeking to understand the reasons behind their absence. In a recent statement, he confirmed that they had a conversation, allowing both sides to discuss what led to the missed appearance.

The discussion reportedly covered the commitments and logistical issues that may have prevented Stonebwoy from attending. Abu expressed relief at establishing communication and hopes for smoother collaborations in the future.

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Stonebwoy’s no-show had initially caused a stir within the music community, as many fans were eager to see him perform. The conversation between Abu and Stonebwoy’s team has helped to clear up some of the confusion and concern that arose from the incident.

Abu thanked Stonebwoy and Chief for their willingness to engage in dialogue, emphasizing the importance of clear communication in the industry. He remains positive about future projects and collaborations with Stonebwoy, noting that such experiences are valuable learning opportunities for everyone involved.


This positive development comes after initial disappointment and highlights the importance of addressing issues directly to maintain professional relationships within the music industry. Fans and supporters are now looking forward to future events and collaborations involving both Abu and Stonebwoy.

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