Ajagurajah spotted buying food by the roadside barefooted

Written by: King Bygone

Prophet Ajagurajah, leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach known as the Ajagurajah Movement, has caused a stir on social media after a video surfaced showing him purchasing food barefoot at a roadside stall.

The footage shared on his TikTok account captured the prophet in a private moment, apparently unaware of being filmed. According to Ajagurajah, the video was sent to him by someone who had recorded the scene.

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Known for his unconventional spiritual teachings, Ajagurajah’s barefoot appearance at the food stall has sparked widespread reactions online. Social media users have been quick to comment on his unusual persona and his unconventional way of life.

Some folks speculated on the spiritual significance behind his barefootedness, while others saw it as a gesture of humility.


Ahhh so someone actually sent me this😅😅😅😅

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