Who is Robert Fripp?

Who is Robert Fripp?

Robert Fripp is a British musician, songwriter, and record producer, best known as the guitarist, founder, and longest-lasting member of the progressive rock band King Crimson.

He has worked extensively as a session musician and collaborator, notably with David Bowie, Blondie, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall, Midge Ure, Talking Heads, and David Sylvian.

He also composed the startup sound of Windows Vista operating system, in collaboration with Tucker Martine and Steve Ball. His discography includes contributions to over 700 official releases

Who is Robert Fripp?

What is Robert Fripp’s net worth?

Robert Fripp has a net worth of $10 million

Who is Robert Fripp’s wife?

Robert Fripp is married to Toyah Willcox. Fripp married singer and actress Toyah Willcox on 16 May 1986 in Poole, Dorset, England.

Who is Robert Fripp?

Does Robert Fripp have kids?

Robert and Fripp and his wife, have no children and have arranged their will so as to leave their entire fortune to the establishment of a musical educational trust for children.

How old is Robert Fripp?

Robert Fripp was born on May 16, 1946, in Wimborne Minster, United Kingdom. He is 76 years old.

Who is Robert Fripp?

Who are Robert Fripp’s Parents?

Robert Fripp was born to Arthur Fripp and Edith Green. Robert’s mother Edith was from a Welsh mining family.

Her earnings from working at the Bournemouth Records Office allowed Robert’s father, Arthur Henry Fripp to start a business as an estate agent.

Who are Robert Fripp’s siblings?

Robert Fripp has a sister named Patricia Fripp.Who is Robert Fripp?

What is Robert Fripp’s Instagram?

Robert Fripp is not active on Instagram.