What was Frankie Rex cause of death?

Written by: King Bygone

What was Frankie Rex cause of death? Who was He?

Frankie Rex, an up-and-coming trans-masc singer, and one-half of the alternative duo The FMs, has died. They were 37.

What was Frankie Rex cause of death

Frankie Rex was well-known in the alternative-punk scene of New York City, having been a member of multiple rock outfits, including queer-punk trio BOYS and stoner punk band The Violent Orange throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s.

When they came together to form The FMs in 2017, Rex and Namer both saw their profiles begin to rise, performing inclusive, underground shows with Brooklyn underground collective Subvert, while also performing at EDM festivals and sharing their stages with members of Devo and The Village People. They released their debut album, Machinacene Epoch, in 2017.

What was Frankie Rex cause of death?

In a post to their official website as well as their social media accounts, bandmate Matte Namer revealed that Frankie Rex had died due to “an apparent fentanyl poisoning” while with their partner at their home in Ithaca, New York.

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