Tatiana Maslany’s Boyfriend: Who is Brendan Hines?

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Tatiana Maslany’s Boyfriend: Who is Brendan Hines?

Tatiana Maslany of Canada and her boyfriend Brendan Hines have made their relationship public.

Tatiana and boyfriend Brendan Hines

The Emmy Award-winning actress, 36, and Netflix’s “Locke & Key” actor, 45, walked the red carpet together at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York City on Monday night for the opening performance of Broadway’s Take Me Out.

This isn’t their first appearance on the red carpet together, either.

The two have attended the premieres of “X” and “Everything Everywhere All At Once” in recent weeks.

Tatiana Maslany's Boyfriend: Who is Brendan Hines

For at least a year, Maslany and Hines have been dating. Since December 2020, many have speculated about the couple’s relationship. They were pictured enjoying dinner with Tim Roth, Maslany’s “She-Hulk” co-star, in July 2021. Hines also appeared in the series “Lie to Me” with Roth.