“Only poor girls with no values will date sugar daddies” – Facebook girl disses her colleagues

Written by: King Bygone
A Facebook user with the name Sandra Yoobaat has caused a massive stir on Facebook with her recent post which depicted girls entertaining older men to be of no value and poor.

Her post has not sat well with other people mainly females who for some reasons, thinks she has no right to dish out such an advice to them.

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“No one genuinely loves older men. It’s all because of money. Most older men spend on young girls because they know thier value is attached to thier finances and a young girl who probably has nothing going on in her life will entertain you as long as it’s beneficial to her.

So technically, your value isn’t going up as you’re getting older you’re just bidding more to be shown some affection.” Sandra wrote.

Her post has triggered other girls on Facebook making their followers believe that they’re dating and depending on older men for their livelihood.

Check out her post below

Sandy Yoobaat post

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