They are naive, I can’t force them to believe what I believe – MzBel’s son Adepa Okomfo Black to Christians

Written by: King Bygone

Adepa Okomfo Black, MzBel’s son, is responding to Christians who are outraged with his contentious interview.

In a widely shared interview, the 10-year-old expressed his lack of belief in God. Okomfo Black stated in a podcast interview that he doesn’t think God made him as well. Asked “Who created you?” by the host, he replied, “My mother, she gave birth to me“.

I believe through science, human beings were born not created and if human beings were created in the first place, I never got to see God as my father or mother. The only person who cares for me is my mother,” he said.

Okomfo Black has a message for Christians in response to the criticism following fetish priest fortification. His mother, Mzbel, asked him about his reaction to the bad comments in a video, and he replied Christians are naive and careless.

Adepa Okomfo Black
Adepa Okomfo Black

“I want to say that some of them are actually naive and negligent, they don’t want to learn outside the box, just the bible which is a very big thumbs down if you are supposed to rate it, I can’t force everyone to believe everything I believe,” he said.

In the video below, he added “I am not insulting you but I am just trying to tell you that you will need to learn outside the box because the future is tech. People who are negliegent will always be trapped”

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