Mark Shields wife: Who is Anne Hudson Shields?

Mark Stephen Shields, born on May 25, 1937, was an American political columnist, advisor, and commentator.

Marks Shield

He worked in leadership positions for many Democratic candidates’ election campaigns.

Shields provided weekly political analysis and commentary for the PBS NewsHour from 1988 to 2020.

His on-screen counterpart from 2001 to 2020 was David Brooks of The New York Times. Previous counterparts were the late William Safire, Paul Gigot of the Wall Street Journal, and David Gergen.

Shields was also a regular panelist on Inside Washington, a weekly public affairs show that was seen on both PBS and ABC until it ceased production in December 2013. Shields was moderator and panelist on CNN’s Capital Gang for 17 years.

Mark Shields, the longtime PBS News commentator known for his weekly political analysis, has died Saturday morning at the age of 85, PBS NewsHour confirmed.

Before Mark Shields‘s sudden death, he was married to Anne Hudson shields

Who is Anne Hudson Shields?

Anne Hudson Shields was the wife of Mark Shields.
Anne Hudson Shields, American federal agency administrator. Bar: District of Columbia 1977, Supreme Court of the United States Court 1980. Recipient Presidential award for distinguished service, 1993. Member District of Columbia Bar Association (Bea Rosenburg award 1993).
Mark Shields wife

Shields, Anne Hudson was born on December 13, 1940, in Stamford, Texas, United States. Married Mark Shields, on December 17, 1966.

Did Mark Shield and Anne Hudson Shields have kids?

Mark Shield and his wife, Anne Shield had one daughter together, she’s called Amy Hudson Shields