Identity & Photos of Fella Makafui’s cousin, Bless whom Medikal talked about exposed

Written by: King Bygone
Days ago social media woke up to a shared video by Medikal on X alleging that Fella Makafui, his now-almost estranged wife, had called the cops on him.

In a text attached to the video, Medikal alleged that Fella called the police on him after he asked her cousin, Bless, who has been living with them for over two years, to move out.


According to Medikal, he wants the public to be aware of this incident because the cousin recorded it, potentially leading to future misunderstandings or accusations.

Following the tweets, Medikal went berserk on Snapchat to accuse his baby mama over several damaging allegations.

Some of the claims Medikal made on social media include; Financing Fella’s lavish lifestyle and pumping over $300,000 into Fella’s import & flat tummy business.

As well as paying over £25,000 for Fella Makafui to go under the knife for a flat tummy in Nigeria and Turkey plus others.

While ranting, Medikal also disclosed Fella Makafui’s over 20-year-old cousin who lives with them normally sees his nakedness after bathing.

As alleged by Medikal, most of the time, he forgets that he’s to cover himself after bathing and directly walks into his closet while naked.

In most instances, Bless, Fella’s cousin sees his private parts and always apologizes afterwards.

The identity of the beautiful lady at the centre of the Medikal-Fella Marital Controversy who happens to be the Cousin of Precious Fella Makafui has been unveiled.

Fella’s Cousin is called Bless Yayra and from confirmed sources the lady that Medikal spoke about that she sees his nakedness almost all the time.

Bless is a heavily endowed lady with features that are alluring and tempting. Her work and other details about her are yet to surface, but for now here are some of her photos.

Chaaale! Medikal really tried. This Fine Girl and He did not touch her? Bless Up AMG! Puff Pufff Sweg Sweg…. BYK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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