Here are the 5 deep secrets Medikal has exposed about Fella Makafui as they fight over $2M mansion

Written by: King Bygone

In a series of explosive Snapchat posts, Ghanaian rapper Medikal has dropped a set of deep revelations about his ex-wife, actress, and entrepreneur Fella Makafui.

The revelations have brought to light alot of the dirty things Fella allegedly did in secret.

In his Snapchat posts, Medikal painted a picture of a marriage fraught with challenges and misunderstandings.

He expressed frustration over several unresolved issues that he claims contributed to the breakdown of their union.


Here are the 5 deep secrets Medikal has exposed about Fella

  1. Domestic Abuse

In a series of startling disclosures, Ghanaian rapper Medikal accused his ex-wife, Fella Makafui, of domestic abuse.

According to Medikal, Fella physically assaulted him during an altercation at their East Legon residence. He claimed that Fella hit him on the head with a coffee cup and struck him several times.

Medikal revealed that the incident occurred because Fella suspected him of being involved with another woman, which led to her violent outburst.

These allegations are among the numerous issues Medikal has brought to light about their troubled marriage, shedding new light on the dynamics of their relationship.

2.Fella had a tummy tuck to promote her business

Medikal has disclosed that Fella Makafui underwent post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery to achieve her flat stomach.

Contrary to her public endorsement of a slimming tea product, Medikal clarified that her toned abdomen is the result of a surgical procedure performed in Nigeria and Turkey

Initially opposed to the surgery, Medikal eventually agreed to finance it to ensure Fella’s happiness.

This revelation adds another layer to the rapper’s recent exposé about their relationship and the lengths he went to support his ex-wife.

3. Medikal invested $300,000 in Fella’s business

Medikal has revealed that he invested $300,000 in his ex-wife Fella Makafui’s business, without ever expecting any returns.

The rapper expressed that his genuine intention was to support Fella in becoming an independent woman, confident among her peers.

He recounted instances when Fella Makafui offered him a GH¢10,000 profit from her business, but he consistently refused to accept the money.

Medikal’s gesture underscores his commitment to empowering his ex-wife during their marriage.

4. Fella’s BBL confirmation

In a series of videos, Medikal disclosed that he spent thousands of dollars for Fella Makafui to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure in Nigeria and Turkey.

He explained that after the birth of their daughter, Fella became increasingly conscious of her body and urged him to finance the surgical procedures.

Medikal stated that Fella believed the effectiveness of her slim tea, corsets, and flat tummy products would be more convincing if people saw the results on her.

5. Fella Makafui throws her engagement ring into a sea In Dubai

Medikal also shared a revealing incident about his ex-wife, recounting how she proudly discarded her engagement ring while on a trip to Dubai.

The 31-year-old rapper confronted Fella Makafui about her actions, to which she simply responded that many people had advised her that Medikal was not the right partner for her.

Indifferent to the significance of the marriage, she concluded that the best course of action was to discard the engagement ring.

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