How a lady ‘married’ a random taxi driver to save his car from being impounded

Written by: King Bygone
Oyinkansola Odusanya from Nigeria has recounted on her X account how she rescued a taxi driver from having his car impounded by VIO officers.

While riding in the taxi, they were stopped by VIO officials, who demanded a specific ID card to prove that the driver used his car for business purposes.


To prevent the car from being impounded, the driver cleverly involved the woman by claiming that she was his wife.

The officials then asked them to prove it by kissing each other, but the woman avoided the awkward situation by stating that she didn’t like public displays of affection.

In a surprising twist, the driver then informed the officials that the woman was pregnant with his child. He even showed them a call he made to her, saved under the name ‘My Love’. Eventually, the officials released the car, and when the woman arrived home, she received a text from the driver expressing his gratitude for her cooperation.

Her post read, “VIO stopped the cab I was in today and insisted he provide a particular ID card that proved he used his car for commercial purposes. Then he goes ahead and tells them that I’m his wife, they come to confirm from me at the back seat and ask me to come down and then ask us to kiss to prove that we are married.”

“I lie and say that we are married but I don’t believe in kissing in public. He then tells them that I’m pregnant and he’s taking me to the hospital for an urgent procedure.”

“They eventually impounded the car with me in it, while he was across the express begging them to release us. At some point during the beginning, he called me on the phone and said “Baby, please come out of the car so they see you’re still around.”

“During all this chaos, the driver had saved my contact as “my love” Thankfully they let us go after wasting our time for almost 30 minutes and he didn’t have to pay them  off.”


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