Elliot Blair’s wife told by Mexican authorities that husband had gunshot wound: lawyer

Written by: King Bygone
An attorney for the family told The Post on Thursday that California lawyer Elliot Blair’s widow was told by police on the scene that her husband had been shot in the head the night he passed away at a resort in Mexico, though Mexican authorities apparently rejected the claim.

The shocking information added to a string of contradictory comments made by Mexican officials and Blair’s devastated family over the circumstances surrounding the Orange County public defender’s passing last Saturday at Las Rocas Resort & Spa.

While Mexican authorities claim that Blair’s death was the result of an unintentional fall from a resort balcony, Blair’s family and friends have argued that he was the victim of a “brutal crime.”

The family has made it apparent that they are looking into their loved one’s death on their own, with the aid of private detectives. Blair impacted the ground floor after falling two storeys, but according to family attorney Case Barnett, the family is unsure of what exactly transpired just before that.

Elliot Blair

According to Barnett, Kimberly Williams, the wife of Blair Williams, was informed by police that Elliott had a “bullet hole in his skull,” which contributes to some of the confusion. Blair passed away when the couple was commemorating their anniversary of one year.

The 33-year-body old’s was ordered to be embalmed by the district attorney in Mexico, according to the family lawyer, making it difficult for the family to compile their own toxicological analysis. That assertion has also been denied by Mexican authorities.

According to Barnett, a friend of Blair’s, after Williams was informed of the incident, a family member who lived nearby arrived to the site and provided translation services for her.

“Kim is informed that there is a bullet by the police officer on the scene, the main investigating officer, who is wearing plain clothing and a badge around his neck.

The family was told the cause of death was trauma to the head when the liaison to the coroner’s office contacted them days later, according to Barnett, and that the death would be reported to police as a possible homicide.

The liaison claimed that the papers suggested head trauma when the family enquired about a gunshot wound, according to Barnett.

The liaison claims that if there had been a gunshot to the head, the report would have read “gunshot wound to the head” rather than “head trauma,” Barnett continued. The family is therefore perplexed.

When the body is delivered to the family, the family intends to conduct their own autopsy, he said.


Barnett stated that the family is frustrated that because he has been embalmed, they are unable to undertake a toxicology report to refute reports that he was drunk when he passed away. According to Barnett, the mortuary informed the family that the move was carried out on the prosecutors’ instructions.

The family is certainly devastated because they desired their own toxicology in light of these peculiar circumstances, he added. “Since the body has been embalmed, they can no longer obtain their own toxicology.”

source: nsemwokrom.com

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