Delay’s reply to troll who asked her why has no kids and husband sparks massive debate online

Written by: King Bygone

Ghanaian media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, known in showbiz as Delay, replied to a troll who asked her why she was 41 and without a child or husband.

Delay replied troll who asked her a personal question

On X, Delay posted a picture of herself slaying in a white short-sleeved top and a pair of blue skinny jeans, which she styled with a black belt. In the same photo, she had a brown designer bag and wore a bob wig.

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In the caption of the post on her X account, Delay wanted to get personal and interact with her fervent fans on the social media platform. She asked her fans to ask her any questions.

One fan asked her why she was without a child or a husband. The fan exaggerated Delay’s age as he tried to imply that she was getting older and needed to settle. In the fan’s words, he wrote;

In response, Delay replied to the troll, saying:

The only thing I’m worried about is my fruitless search for the missing map of your a$$ with an X marking the spot where your head is buried!!!!
Below is the post by Delay on X, which got her to reply to the troll.

Below is a post of Delay’s reply to the troll.

Reactions to Delay’s reply to the troll
Many people in the comment section joined Delay in lashing out at the troll for asking such an inappropriate question. Others applauded the host of The Delay Show for her well-constructed response, while others shared ideas on how to rightly put the troll in his place.

Below are the opinions

@smirky_mikee1 said:

But some people too ah why somebody ein life dey concern u like that. You don’t even think about your own blood relations like this, it’s so unnecessary.
@mason_abc said:

If one’s marriage fails, it’s a problem. If one decides to be alone too problem. What is wrong with some of you?!
@roland2026 said:

But the guy’s question ‍♂️ go your insides paa oo
@Sarkodiebalaw said:

Eeeii na construction insult b3n nie?..
@Quipquasar20855 said:

Delay just view his Avi and quote this tweet with one thousand laughing emojis
@CFC_Anas0 said:

Delay de3 woboa oo . She go take give you
@kooboadu856 said:

Delay wan show Mike say if he get bad vibes, she has more pass am.
@iamMELMAK said:

Miserable people always coming online to insult others.

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