David McCullough cause of death

David McCullough cause of death

David Gaub McCullough, July 7, 1933, to August 7, 2022, was an American author, narrator, popular historian, and lecturer.

He is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United State’s highest civilian award.

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Born and raised in Pittsburgh, McCullough earned a degree in English literature from Yale University.

His first book was The Johnstown Flood (1968); and he has since written nine more on such topics as Harry S. Truman, John Adams, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Wright brothers.
McCullough has also narrated numerous documentaries, such as The Civil War by Ken Burns, as well as the 2003 film Seabiscuit; and he hosted American Experience for twelve years.

David McCullough

McCullough’s two Pulitzer Prize-winning books, Truman and John Adams, have been adapted by HBO into a TV film and a miniseries, respectively.

McCullough was born in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Ruth and Christian Hax McCullough. He is of Scots-Irish descent. He was educated at Linden Avenue Grade School and Shady Side Academy, in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

What is David McCullough’s net worth?

David McCullough is an $8 million-rich American author, historian, narrator, and lecturer.

Who was David McCullough’s wife?

David McCullough got married to Rosalee Barnes McCullough, whom he met at age
17 in Pittsburgh, and they remained together until her death in June 2022.
David McCulloughs wife
The couple has five children and nineteen grandchildren. He enjoys sports, history, and art, including watercolor and portrait painting.

Did David McCullough had kids?

David McCullough has one son David McCullough Jr and two daughters, Dorie Lawson, Melissa McDonald.

David McCullough had kids

How old was David McCullough?

David McCullough is 89 years old, and he was born on July 7, 1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. David died on August 7, 2022.

What was David McCullough cause of death?

David McCullough died on August 22, 1992, after a long and heroic battle with cancer.