Asantewaa returns to Tiktok after her Old Account got banned, Here’s Her new Account

Written by: King Bygone

Ghana’s TikTok landscape has been graced once again by the return of one of its most influential figures, Asantewaa.

Known for her humorous and engaging content, Asantewaa had amassed a significant following on the platform before her account was banned. Now, she’s back with a new account, ready to reclaim her throne.

Asantewaa, whose real name is Martina Dwamena, shot to fame during the global Coronavirus pandemic when she began creating funny videos on TikTok.

Her unique style and the pleasant way she made her videos quickly gained her popularity and a large following.


She was even crowned “TikTok Influencer of the Year” at the Pulse Ghana Awards in 2021

Despite her success, Asantewaa’s journey on TikTok was not without its challenges. Her original account was banned from the app.

The reasons behind the ban are still unclear. However, this setback did not deter the resilient influencer.

Asantewaa has since returned to TikTok with a new account with the username @asantewaaaaa_backupp.

Asantewaa’s return to TikTok marks a new chapter in her journey as an influencer.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the fresh and entertaining content that she is known for.

With her proven track record and her unwavering determination, there is no doubt that Asantewaa will continue to be a major force in Ghana’s TikTok scene.

See some of her latest post below;

@asantewaaaaa_backupp @flawlessbynicky_ ♬ original sound – asantewaaaaa

@asantewaaaaa_backupp♬ original sound – Abdul Shaibu Jackson

@asantewaaaaa_backupp Replying to @arhbenarhstarsha ♬ original sound – NANA ADOBEA SIKAPA 🎤🕊️🔥


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