Akwasi Boateng Claims Oyerepa Afutuo Host Auntie Naa Divorced Husband When She Felt She Was Doing Better

Written by: King Bygone
Ace Ghanaian gospel singer Edward Akwasi Boateng has made startling allegations about the personal life of popular radio presenter Aunty Naa.

In a recent interview, Evangelist claimed that Auntie Naa divorced her former husband, a Kumasi-based radio personality known as Bone Shaker, for financial reasons.

According to him, the Oyerepa FM/TV presenter ended her marriage to Bone Shaker when she felt her career was outpacing his.

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The Adea Mepe Nyinaa singer suggested that the radio presenter’s decision was motivated by hypergamy – the practice of marrying someone of a higher social status.

Making reference to recent news of Auntie Naa’s nuptials, Boateng further alleged that following her divorce from Bone Shaker, Aunty Naa went for a man, whom he described as wealthier and more influential than her previous husband.

“Bone Shaker took her to Mama Efe [at Nhyira FM] before she became famous and was poached by Oyerapa but when she felt she had arrived, she left the man with who she has two children,” he claimed.
In a bold statement, the gospel artist declared that Auntie Naa would never invite him to her show, adding that she should solve her marital issues with Bone Shaker before intervening in the affairs of others.

Boateng also criticized the award-winning radio presenter for what he perceives as her tendency to defend women and incite them against their partners. He accused her of consistently taking stances that he believes are detrimental to relationships.

Watch the video below:

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