22-year-old lady refuses to marry a 52-year-old sugar daddy after spending his millions

Written by: King Bygone
A 22-year-old lady, Zainab Abidoye, has claimed that she rejected her suitor’s marriage advances because he was about 30 years older than her.

Abidoye, who had just graduated from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria, added that although the man, identified as Alhaji, was taking care of her needs while they were dating before things began to get sour when he was pressurising her for marriage, and she declined.

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Recounting her experience with the man who has now gotten married to another woman on Thursday via X (formerly Twitter), the UNILORIN graduate wrote,

“This man that I refused to marry decided to send me a wedding video of him and his small wife today at 6 am. Was I pained? Yes, a little bit, can’t lie. But did I regret my decision? No!!!! The lady even looks exactly like me, same shape and, the same complexion. Men are funny” (she expressed with a laughing emoji).

The lady in a new development noted that aside from age difference, the marriage advance was also rejected on toxicity grounds and some other reasons she wouldn’t like to go into in detail.

She wrote, “Wasn’t expecting my tweet to go viral, but since a lot of people are curious.

“He was 30 years older than me; He wanted me to be his second wife, which I’ve vowed not to ever be; He was toxic (won’t go into details); He has a lot of money to take care of me, which he was generous about can’t lie but that’s not enough reason for me to marry him, it’ll be very bad of me to marry him because of money because what if the money goes away? And I was/am not ready for marriage so….”

“Lastly, I believe in my abilities a lot and I believe I can be a millionaire too in the future so why marry someone I don’t like cuz the the love wasn’t there no matter how hard he tried? I rejected,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, commentary online Abidoye and the Osogbo-based Alhaji (name withheld) had been dating since she was an undergraduate in the university, and he had allegedly been funding her extravagant lifestyle.


According to the source who craved anonymity, Abidoye was a Hijabi (A Muslim woman who follows the religious practice of wearing a head covering such as a hijab), and that was what grew Alhaji’s interest in her.

“He (Alhaji) funded several of her trips out of the country, and things have been going well between them, but Zainab betrayed him when it was time to marry him, claiming that he is too old.

“It was Alhaji’s son who called her out on social media when his mother informed him.

“In fact, she was given the Young And Getting It Award (YAGI) by her Faculty when she was an undergraduate,” the source added.

However, Zainab’s tweet on September 14, 2023, countered the claim by the source that her trip was sponsored by her supposed suitor as she revealed that her five voyages out of the country were sponsored by her parents.

“My parents have so much faith in me tbh, This is the fifth country I’m travelling to solo and they’ve supported me all the way. So so grateful for them (sic).


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