Zainab Saqib


Rajeev Ram is an American professional tennis player who specializes in doubles.

Ram is a four-time major champion, having won the 2020 Australian Open and 2021 US Open in men’s doubles with Joe Salisbury, as well as Australian Open mixed doubles titles in 2019 and 2021 alongside Barbora Krejčíková.

Zainab Saqib

Zainab Saqib: Who is Rajeev Ram’s Wife?

Who is Rajeev Ram married to? Who is Rajeev Ram’s wife?

Zainab Saqib is the wife of American professional tennis player, Rajeev Ram.

Rajeev Ram earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting and business administration from the College of Business at Urbana-Gies Champaign in 2004.

She currently works as a sales department representative for Progyny Inc.

Who is Rajeev Ram's Wife?

How old is Zainab Saqib?

What is Zainab Saqib’s age? When is her birthday?

Zainab Saqib’s birth date is unknown

Does Zainabl Saqib Have Kids?

Does Zainab Saqib have a son or daughter, who are her children?

According to our extensive research, Zainab Saqib and her husband Rajeev Ram have one child. However, the child’s information is not available.

Who is Zainab Saqib’s Husband?

Who is Zainab Saqib married to? Who is Zainab Saqib’s husband?

Zainab Saqib is the wife of American professional tennis player, Rajeev Ram.

Who is Rajeev Ram's Wife?

What is Zainab Saqib’s Nationality?

What nation does Zainab Saqib hail from?

Saqib was born in America as well, but he is of Pakistani-American descent.

Who are Zainab Saqib’s Parents?

Who are Zainab Saqib’s mother and father? Where are Zainab Saqib’s parents now?

According to sources, she is the daughter of Bushra and Dr. Saqib from Pakistan.