Youngsters at Coleshill Primary School in Birmingham were reportedly shown sex education clips

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A furious mother has blasted her eight-year-old daughter’s school for showing her a video about masturbation, wet dreams, and erections.

She claims her child was traumatized by the video depicting a wet dream and begged her not to show it again.

According to the Daily Mail, children at Coleshill Primary School in Birmingham were also shown images of a rocket and a volcano erupting in an attempt to teach them about erect penises.

“I am very angry about this because I don’t want my eight-year-old daughter being taught about masturbation and wet dreams,” the unnamed mother fumed in a letter to the school. It’s much too young.

Coleshill Primary School

“‘Mummy, why do boys have wet dreams?’ said my daughter.” She was furious and stated that she did not want to know anything about it.

“At first, I was stunned and didn’t know how to respond to her. It’s revolting that this is taught in fourth grade.”

According to the enraged parent, the school acknowledged that it was inappropriate, but that the government made sex education mandatory in September 2021.

“Parents can opt-out of these lessons and receive a letter informing them of the content before the lesson is taught,” explained Headteacher Matthew Edwards.

“The resource in question was removed from that unit in Year 4… We have no intention of sexualizing our children.

“Parents are given advance notice prior to the teaching of those units, and we have responded by not using this one particular resource.”

“We’re still teaching about puberty, but not on that specific topic.”