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You won’t believe she was once a boy — Meet the beautiful Nikita Dragun

The world has gotten into a stage where nothing surprises anyone anymore. Day in and day out you meet people who seem to be insecure about their gender, some part of their body, and feels like they need some changes made or total transformation to get the maximum satisfaction or peace of mind they want and is due them at the end of the day.

Others go that way because of circumstances sake and such can be said of Belgium-American model, YouTuber, influencer, and entrepreneur Nikita Dragun. She also has her own makeup line called Dragun Beauty.

Born in Belgium, Nikita Dragun attended high school in Virginia, US, and later moved to Los Angeles for college.

Nikita is a male by birth and she has talked about her transition over the years to her millions of followers and how proud she is of how far she has come.

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She came out as trans in college when she got her first fake ID with the name Nicole. Luckily, Nikita’s family has been very supportive of her from the beginning.

The model once admitted that she was addicted to plastic surgery in a YouTube video titled “Have I Gotten THE Surgery…,”

“I am addicted to plastic surgery,” she told her subscribers in the 25-minute video. “I recently broke this addiction, and I know that’s really a lot to take in but let me explain.”

Nikita shared that the hardest part of her transition was the hormone therapy — and that change in her body resulted in her being really critical of her appearance, ultimately leading her to undergo more and more cosmetic procedures. She did her brow bone, nose, had her jaw being shaved, and breast implants.

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According to her, she feel this immense pressure to need to pass, to need to be a woman, to need to feel this level of confidence.

“So I was really in this dark place where I had to look in the mirror and stop myself from wanting to change everything because it got to the point where I didn’t even know why I was doing the surgeries anymore,” Nikita explained. “I felt so embarrassed that I was fixing and doing so many things that it just didn’t matter anymore and I was actually doing more harm than good,”

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Well, today, Nikita is living her best life and wants everyone to know they need to stop asking trans women THAT question.

“Imagine getting asked every single day if u ‘cut it off,’ ‘what do u have,’ or ‘did u get the surgery,'” she wrote on Instagram. “It used to bother me so much but honestly after so many years idgaf anymore. All I have to say it takes BALLS being a woman nowadays. And being a woman is so much more than what’s in between ur legs.”

She added, “I chose to live my truth and if u don’t like it u can SUCK IT.”

Below are some photos of Nikita Dragun. Without knowing her back story you would not have imagined she was once a boy.













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