Woman raped, robbed by stranger while on morning jog in NYC

pier 45 new york woman raped

Woman raped, robbed by stranger while on morning jog in NYC

A stranger attacked a lady who was out for a run in the West Village on Thursday morning and raped, strangled, and robbed her before leaving her bleeding on the sidewalk and fleeing on a Citi Bike.

Around 5:30 a.m., the 43-year-old woman was running along Pier 45 near West and Christopher streets when she was seized from behind and choked until she passed out, according to police.

Then, according to police, the demon knocked her to the ground, removed her clothing, and raped her.

Woman raped

Police, law-enforcement officials, and a witness all said that the guy took the woman’s wallet, debit card, mobile phone, and headphones before fleeing on a Citi Bike, leaving her without shoes and with blood streaming from her face and elbows.

Gabrielle Sumkin was out for a run when she came across the unkempt woman standing on the path. “She was in exercise clothes but they were sort of messed up, they were dirty, she wasn’t wearing any shoes, she was just wearing one sock,” Gabrielle recalled.

She appeared to be clutching her eye. The Greenwich Village resident stated that the woman “seemed to be really extremely wounded and it was evident that something had occurred to her.

23-year-old Sumkin said that as she “approached her gently and asked her whether,”

According to the police, Kenneth Miller, 31, was detained in relation to that event.

Police reported that a second jogger was sexually attacked on the Hudson River Greenway at Pier 40, close to West and Clarkson streets, in late March.

Woman raped

Data from the NYPD reveal that overall rapes have increased this year by over 16% compared to the same time last year.

Rapes are up 22% in the sixth precinct where the crime took place, according to statistics.

After first responders came, Sumkin went and continued her run. As she was returning, she noted that Pier 45 had been cordoned off with crime scene tape and that the area was overrun with police officers.

She subsequently discovered that the lady had been physically abused, but she was unaware that she had also been raped and robbed until The Post got in touch with her.