Woman dies hiking in Zion National Park with husband

Woman dies hiking in Zion National Park with husband

During a hike with her husband in Zion National Park on Wednesday, a woman passed away due to the bitter cold.

According to the National Park Service, the 33-year-old husband left the 31-year-old wife behind so that he could bring her assistance.

She had already passed away when he returned.

The two hikers were on a legal 16-mile top-down path through the Narrows, the same area where a tourist from Arizona, age 22, perished in scary floodwater in August.

They set off on their journey on Tuesday, and they camped in the park that night.

According to the man, the weather became “dangerously cold overnight,” according to NPS. His wife started displaying symptoms of hypothermia.

Zion National Park

On Wednesday morning, the couple decided to part ways after coming to a stop about a mile and a half from the northern end of Riverside Walk, a paved path that connects the Temple of Sinawava to the Narrows.

The wife stayed behind as the injured husband went on his way and ultimately came across park officers on the trail. According to the NPS, members of the Zion Park crew transported him to an urgent care facility.

Before Zion’s rescue teams arrived, other visitors tried to revive the woman with CPR, but it was too late.

The couple’s identities have not yet been made public.

The woman passed away on the same day that rescuers in New Hampshire discovered the body of Emily Sotelo, a Vanderbilt student who most likely died from the extreme cold and strong winds.

NPS authorities advise hikers traveling in chilly weather to bring extra clothing and food, remain dry, and keep moving.