Moon Knight: Will Jake Lockley be in Moon knight?

Written by: King

In Marvel’s Moon Knight, Marc Spector and Steven Grant have grabbed the wheel, but don’t forget about the cab driver who has been lurking in the background. Jake Lockley, the third alleged personality, was prominently hinted at in Episodes 3 and 4 but has yet to appear on the show.

Will Jake Lockley be in Moon knight

Marc’s third ego, Jake Lockley, is shown in the comics as being even more cruel and brutal than the mercenary himself.

In Episode 3, “The Friendly Type,” the not-so-friendly counterpart is gently introduced. Marc loses control of his body during a struggle with Arthur Harrow’s men and awakens to discover blood on his hands and bodies on the floor.

Marc immediately confronts Steven about what he’s done, but Steven says that he wasn’t the one who did it.

Who is Jake Lockley?

Marc’s third identity, Jake Lockley, will be familiar to comic readers, and they may have been looking forward to his presence. Jake is usually represented as the harshest and most ruthless of the three in Marvel Comics; he is usually depicted as a cab driver with a fast rage and a passion for violence.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Jake’s alter ego became a cab driver in order to get information from both criminals and civilians; one of his closest friends was Gena, the owner of a neighborhood restaurant frequented by Jake, Marc, and Steven.

Will Jake Lockley be in Moon knight?

If Jake is finally introduced in Episode 6, he’ll end up just being a throwaway card in Marc and Steven’s story. Marvel giving its Disney+ shows a very limited window with six to nine episodes is restricting the narrative quality, and Moon Knight‘s finale isn’t looking to be a satisfying ending with so many unanswered questions

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