Why did Elizabeth Olsen change her name?

Elizabeth Olsen was almost known as Elizabeth Chase, and it was because of her renowned elder sisters.

The WandaVision star previously told Glamour U.K. that she pondered starting her acting career for real when she was ten years old, around the same time that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were at the height of their careers with films like Passport to Paris and Our Lips Are Sealed. The timeless masterpieces.

Why did Elizabeth Olsen change her name

While the youngest Olsen sibling “realized very soon” that auditioning required too much time away from athletics, dancing, and other extracurricular activities at school, she considered altering her name.

“For some reason, I didn’t want to be linked with [Mary-Kate and Ashley],” she told the magazine. “I believe as a 10-year-old, I already knew what nepotism felt like.” I’m not sure whether I was aware of the term, but there is some type of connotation with not earning something that I believe troubled me as a child.”

“It had something to do with my own insecurities,” Olsen continued. “I’m not sure how much I processed, but I did think, ‘When I become an actor, I’m going to be Elizabeth Chase.'” Olsen’s middle name is Chase.

Why did Elizabeth Olsen change her name

When she began her acting career in 2011 with the horror film Silent House and the critical darling Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth Olsen finally accepted her name. Clearly, she overcame her early reservations and sought advice from her sisters. Is there one thing they taught Olsen that she still remembers? “No is a whole sentence.”

“I remember my sisters isolating the word ‘No’ particularly, and it being extremely empowering,” the Marvel actor remarked. “It’s a very empowering word for women.” People often say, “Just say no to drugs,” but you can actually say no whenever you choose! It’s a truly amazing thing.”

That idea never came to fruition, and Elizabeth has gone by her birth name in a number of films. Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch has appeared in multiple Marvel films, and she reprised the character in the popular Disney+ series WandaVision.

Why did Elizabeth Olsen change her name? Why did Elizabeth Olsen change her name?


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