Who was Trevor Kjeldal? Australian sniper, 40, dies on Ukraine’s battlefields

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Who was Trevor Kjeldal? Australian sniper, 40, dies on Ukraine’s battlefields

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has announced the death of an Australian combatant named Trevor Kjeldal as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues.
According to reports, Russian forces in the Ukraine’s Donbas region killed Trevor Kjeldal while he was engaged in combat.

Who was Trevor Kjeldal

In a letter to the ABC on Saturday, Mr. Kjeldal’s family acknowledged his passing and described their sorrow as “unfathomable.”

The family remarked that Trevor “was a very valued and loved member of our family.”

A DFAT official confirmed on Saturday that the family of Trevor Kjeldal is receiving consular support.

Who was Trevor Kjeldal?

Australian freedom fighter Trevor Kjeldal, also referred to as “The Ninja,” was from that country.
He gained the moniker “the Ninja” on social media after making a splash while serving on the front lines.

Trevor Kjeldal, who was from Brisbane, was 40 years old.

Mr. Kjedal is thought to have been a member of the Ukrainian army’s 49th “Select Carpathian” unit.

According to social media posts, he allegedly sustained close-to-fatal gunshot wounds during combat in July before gallantly reentering the fray in September.

He sustained head wounds from shrapnel when hurt.

He claimed he had no intention of going back to Australia and rather to stay in Ukraine until the war was ended.

Family’s tribute to Trevor Kjeldal
At the time, Mr. Kjedal commented, “Let’s just see if I can do it again. I’ve beat the odds once.”

A “highly prized and loved member” of his family, Mr. Kjeldal.

The family released a statement in which they said, “Our depth of anguish at his loss is incomprehensible.”

“We would like to thank DFAT for their ongoing assistance in bringing him home to us.

“At this incredibly sad time, we would request that the media respect our privacy as we grieve.”