Who was Samir Sabri? Wikipedia, Nationality, Date of Birth,

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Who was Samir Sabri?

Muhammad Sameer Galaal Sabry is an Egyptian singer, actor, and entertainer, born in Alexandria where he went to Victoria College.

Who was Samir Sabri

After his graduation from the faculty of the Arts-English Department, he started to present “At your request” an Egyptian radio program presented in the English language.

He is a multi-lingual and cultured person. This helped him later when he presented his famous Egyptian TV program “Al-naady al-Dawly i.e. The International club” and with all his other accomplishments.

His first appearance on the silver screen was among the masses with the famous Radio Star Amaal Fahmy in Abdul Haleem Haafez’s “Hekaayet hobb i.e. Love story”.

When he started to really work in cinema he was not happy with what was offered to him so he formed his own production company. Sabry played comic, musical as well as villain roles.

Among his best roles are; “Al-mahfaza ma’aaya i.e. I’ve got the wallet”, “Al-Toot wal-nabboot i.e. Bering and Clubs”, and “ Noshaaterokom al-afraah i.e. Our congratulations”.

What is Samir Sabri’s date of birth?

Samir Sabri was born on December 27, 1936. He was born in Egypt.

What was Samir Sabri’s nationality?

Samir Sabri is an Egyptian, he was born in Alexandria, Egypt.