Who was Craig Rolfe?

Craig Rolfe, 26, was a violent cocaine addict who was born in Holloway Prison in London.

According to his neighbors, he was an avid driver who kept a variety of cars on his driveway as if he were a car dealer.

“There were rumours that he was involved with stealing cars and selling drugs,” one recounted in a local report from the time.

“One time I saw police literally dismantling a car on his drive.”

Rolf reportedly shared a three-bedroom detached house with his girlfriend of seven years, Donna Jaggers, and their six-year-old daughter at the time of his death.

Who was Craig Rolfe?

A woman who lived nearby stated that the couple appeared to be quite secretive and had little contact with their neighbors.

“They were rarely seen,” another resident commented.

Was Craig Rolfe part of the Essex Boys?

Rolfe is widely assumed to be a member of the notorious gang due to his reputation as a drug addict.

After all, during their reign of terror in the 1980s and 1990s, the Essex Boys were primarily involved in drug deals.

They were thought to be key figures in the ecstasy trade, which fueled Britain’s thriving rave scene.

Craig Rolfe (right) was killed alongside Pat Tate (left) and Tony Tucker (centre)
raig Rolfe (right) was killed alongside Pat Tate (left) and Tony Tucker (centre)

How did Craig Rolfe die?

Craig Rolfe, 26, was discovered shot dead in a Range Rover on an isolated farm track in Rettendon on December 7, 1995, along with Pat Tate, 37, and Toney Tucker, 38.

They were all “blasted” by a shotgun from close range, lying bloodied and slumped in the vehicle until they were discovered the next morning by two local farmers.

The victims were all known drug gang members, and numerous theories emerged as to how they ended up being shot eight times in a peaceful Essex village.

Michael Steele and Jack Wholmes were convicted of the murders after Darren Nicholls, the getaway driver, testified against them.

It is believed that the murder occurred as a result of a dispute over money from an armed robbery.

Craig Rolfe, 26, was a violent cocaine addict who was born in Holloway Prison in London.

This was after statements made by criminal Billy Jasper were examined, which claimed that he was the actual getaway driver and that Brink’s Mat money launderer Patsy “Bolt Eyes” Clark was the one who wanted them dead.

Met Police DCI Dave McKelvey said, as reported by The Express: “They had the name of a major criminal, said to be behind the murders, the gunman, a credible motive and intelligence linking Tucker and money from the robbery.

“They also had the account of a man claiming to be the getaway driver, but chose to dismiss what he said because it did not fit with their theory about Wholmes and Steele.”