Who is TikTok star Mufasa?

Who is TikTok star Mufasa?

Most people know Mufasa from his popular TikTok videos.

Jeff Obeng, who goes by Mufasa, is his true name. His Twitter handle is @cousinskeether.

The celebrity was born in Ghana and now resides in Virginia in the United States.

Who is TikTok star Mufasa

Although Mufasa has been producing videos since 2018, his fame peaked during the coronavirus lockdown.

What does Mufasa do on Instagram and TikTok?

On his TikTok page, Mufasa frequently uploads a variety of dancing videos.

On social media, he boasts more than 800k followers.

Similar videos and posts by Mufasa updating his followers on his activities are posted on his Instagram feed, @cousinskeether.

More than 1.6 million people follow him on Instagram.

When he shared his rendition of MK’s remix for Nightcrawlers’ Push The Feeling On with Hyperman, Mufasa gained notoriety.

The video, which was first released in 2019, features individuals getting out of their vehicles to dance along with it.
Many famous people, including Kanye West, Gordon Ramsay, and Katy Perry, revived the fashion.

When asked about the video, Mufasa told Metro that Kanye wanted to meet him as soon as he saw it.

He stated: “On the day that he shot his video, Kanye West contacted me. He stated that he wants to fly me over immediately.” Consequently, I simply traveled to his ranch and stayed there for approximately a week. He wished I could have stayed longer, but I was about to have.

What is Mufasa’s net worth?

The amount of Mufasa’s wealth is unknown.
He could, however, make money through sponsorships and marketing agreements.

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What did Mufasa do before becoming an influencer?

What Mufasa did before becoming famous is unknown.

The well-known brand has been active in the industry since it first began to produce videos in 2018.