Who is Suella Braverman? Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who is Suella Braverman?

Sue-Ellen Cassiana “Suella” Braverman QC MP, born 3 April 1980, is a British politician and barrister who has been the Attorney General for England and Wales since 2020. She has been Member of Parliament for Fareham since 2015.

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She was appointed as Queen’s Counsel automatically on appointment as Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland in February 2020, having not achieved the distinction on merit beforehand nor had enough experience to seek such appointment.

Typically, but not in this case, a barrister appointed as HM Attorney General has achieved considerable distinction in the profession before appointment.

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Who is Suella Braverman?

She has announced her intention to be a candidate in the 2022 Conservative Party leadership election.

Braverman was born to Christie and Uma Fernandes, of Indian origin, who had emigrated to Britain in the 1960s from Kenya and Mauritius. Her mother was a nurse and a councillor in Brent and her father, of Goan ancestry, worked for a housing association. She was born in Harrow, Greater London, and grew up in Wembley.

Who is Suella Braverman?

She married Rael Braverman in February 2018 at the House of Commons. Their first child was born in 2019 and their second child in 2021.

What is Suella Braverman net worth?

Suella Braverman estimated Net Worth is $4 million- $6 million USD.

Who is Suella Braverman’s husband?

Rael Braverman is the husband of Suella Braverman.

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Does Suella Braverman have kids?

Suella and her husband have two children.

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How old is Suella Braverman?

Suella Braverman is 42 years of age.

Who are Suella Braverman’s Parents?

Suella Braverman was born to Christie Fernandes and Uma Fernandes.

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Who are Suella Braverman’s siblings?

Suella Braverman’s siblings are yet unknown because she has not shared any details about her siblings.

What is Suella Braverman Instagram?

Suella doesn’t have an Instagram account.

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