Who is Steve Bannon? Bio, Net worth, Wife, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who is Steve Bannon?

Stephen Kevin Bannon is an American media executive, political strategist, and former investment banker, who served as the White House’s chief strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump’s term.

He is a former executive chairman of Breitbart News and previously served on the board of the now-defunct data-analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

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Stephen Kevin Bannon was born November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Doris (née Herr), a homemaker, and Martin J. Bannon Jr., who worked as an AT&T telephone lineman and as a middle manager.

He grew up in a working-class family which was pro-Kennedy and pro-union Democrat. He is of Irish, and some German, descent. Much of his mother’s side of the family settled in the Baltimore area, a hotspot for German arrivals to America throughout the 19th Century.

Who is Steve Bannon?

Bannon has been married and divorced three times. He has three adult daughters. His first marriage was to Cathleen Suzanne Houff. Bannon and Houff had a daughter, Maureen, in 1988 and subsequently divorced.

Bannon’s second marriage was to Mary Louise Piccard, a former investment banker, in April 1995. Their twin daughters were born three days after the wedding. Piccard filed for dissolution of their marriage in 1997.

What is Steve Bannon’s net worth?

Steve Bannon’s net worth is an estimated $48 million.

Who is Steve Bannon’s wife?

Diane Clohesy and Mary Louise Piccard are the ex-wifes of Steve Bannon.

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Does Steve Bannon have kids?

He has three children, Maureen Bannon, Emily Piccard, And Grace Piccard.

How old is Steve Bannon?

Steve Bannon is 68 years old.

Who are Steve Bannon’s Parents?

Steve Bannon was born to Doris, his mother, and Martin J. Bannon Jr. His father.

Who are Steve Bannon’s siblings?

Steve Bannon has three siblings, Mike Bannon, Mary Beth Meredith, and Chris Bannon.

What is Steve Bannon’s Instagram?


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