Who is Stephen Macht’s wife Suzanne Victoria Pulier?

Stephen Robert Macht is an American television and film actor. He is also the father of actor Gabriel Macht.

Stephen Macht

Together with his son Gabriel, they both have acted in the US legal drama Suits, in which Stephen portrayed Henry Gerard, an Ethics Law Professor at Harvard University.

Stephen Robert Macht is married to Suzanne Victoria Pulier?

Who is Suzanne Victoria Pulier?

Suzanne Victoria Pulier is the wife of American Television actor, Stephen Macht.

Suzanne is a museum curator and archivist. Since August 30, 1964, she has been married to Stephen Macht.

Who is Stephen Macht's wife Suzanne Victoria Pulier

We believe their marriage of over five decades is indeed a strong example for their kids to follow. This has played a role in Gabriel’s over 10-year marriage seeing the rate of divorce in the movie industry.

Does Suzanne Victoria Pulier have kids with Stephen Macht?

Suzanne and her husband Stephen Macht have four kids including Ameican actor, Gabriel Macht, Ari Serbin Macht, Jesse Macht, and Julie Macht.

Stephen Machts family