Who is Stephen Amell’s wife Cassandra Jean?

Who is Stephen Amell’s wife Cassandra Jean?

Stephen Adam Amell is a Canadian actor. He came to prominence for playing the lead role of Oliver Queen on The CW superhero series Arrow.

Amell also appeared in subsequent Arrowverse franchise media, along with reprising his character in various video game titles.

Stephen Amell's wife Cassandra Jean

The Arrow star is married to American Actress, Cassandra Jean.

Who is Cassandra Jean

Cassandra Jean Whitehead, born on October 5, 1985, also known as Cassandra Jean Amell, is an American actress, model, and beauty pageant queen from Houston, Texas.

Jean attended Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.

Stephen Amell's wife Cassandra Jean

Jean appears in the film 2 Dudes and a Dream (2009).

She has had guest roles on several TV shows including One Tree Hill, The Middleman, CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Las Vegas, Hannah Montana, Twenty-Four Seven (MTV), America’s Next Producer (TV Guide Network), and a speaking role on Mad Men.

How did Cassandra Jean and Stephen Amell meet?

After the Arrow alum’s 2010 divorce from his first wife, Carolyn Lawrence, whom he married in December 2007, the two met in 2011.

In December 2012, Stephen and Cassandra secretly married. In May 2013, they renewed their vows. 1 September 2021

What is Cassandra Jean’s net worth?

According to sources, Cassandra Jean has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

Does Cassandra Jean have kids with Stephen Amell?

Cassandra Jean has one kid with Stephen Amell, She is called Maverick Alexandra Jean Amell

Maverick Alexandra Jean Amell

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