Who is Sam DeMase? Tiktok Influencer Coaching What Not to say When asking for a Raise

Who is Sam DeMase

Who is Sam DeMase?

Sam DeMase, a New York-based author and entrepreneur who has started her own course on job confidence and self-advocacy, recently spoke out on TikTok about the three ‘key steps that you can take while requesting a salary increase at work – and her expertise quickly went viral, gaining thousands of views along the way.

A career coach has revealed what you should and shouldn’t say to your boss when asking for a raise, as well as tips on how to ensure you’re paid fairly.

Who is Sam DeMase

According to Sam, the most important thing to do before approaching your boss about a raise is to be well prepared.

‘Write down all of your accomplishments in your role and the ways that you’ve impacted the business – and quantify wherever you can,’ she recommended.

‘Bring your recent performance review scores and colleague feedback too.’

She also advised conducting research on your market rate,’ which you can do on websites such as Payscale and Glassdoor.

‘You can also ask your HR team what the salary range is for the role that you’re in,’ she added.

Her third piece of advice for asking for a raise was to practice what you’re going to say beforehand.

Who is Sam DeMase

‘Once you have all of this information laid out and you’re prepared – you can practice out loud,’ she said.

In a separate video, Sam – who is preparing to release her book, Power Mood: Unlock Your Confidence, Transform Your Life, and Command Your Value, in the spring of next year – shared some examples of things you should never say when it comes time to have that difficult conversation.

She advised against stating things like, ‘I’m doing the work of two people,’ or, ‘So-and-so makes more than me,’ or, ‘I need more because I’m getting a new apartment next year.’

Who is Sam DeMase