Who is Ryan Grantham? Actor sentenced to Life in Prison for Murdering his Mother

Who is Ryan Grantham

Who is Ryan Grantham?

A young B.C. actor who fatally shot his mother in their Squamish home has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole eligibility for 14 years.

Ryan Grantham, 24, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for pulling the trigger on March 31, 2020.

Tuesday, three months after Grantham’s sentencing hearing concluded, Justice Kathleen Ker announced the verdict in a Vancouver courtroom.

Chris Johnson, the defense attorney, stated that his client was not shocked by the sentence.

Johnson remarked, “I think he expected what the judge gave him as a sentence.” “He seems to be feeling a lot of anxiety about the situation.

He is a rather little man, so I’m sure the idea of entering the jail system is intimidating and terrifying to him.”

Grantham’s “diminutive” size was also mentioned by Ker, who wanted it recorded that she should advise against sending him to a high-security facility. According to Johnson, B.C. Corrections will make the decision.

According to testimony given in court, Grantham—who briefly appeared in the Netflix series “Riverdale,” which is largely based on Archie Comics—was struggling with melancholy, social isolation, and heavy cannabis usage at the time of the murder.

The court heard that he had been putting off finishing his work at Simon Fraser University and had stopped performing for some time, and that he had justified these behaviors so that his mother wouldn’t know what he thought of as his shortcomings.

The piano was being played by 64-year-old Barbara Waite when Grantham fired a shot. The court heard that after praying and lighting some candles, he left their house for more slaughter and put rosaries over the piano.

Grantham had intended to commit mass murder, with targets including SFU and the Lions Gate Bridge.

Who is Ryan Grantham

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, was one of his targets. He was on his way to Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, according to a printed map, when he made a U-turn in Hope and continued on to the Vancouver police station, where he turned himself in.

Grantham has reportedly been attending counseling sessions and seminars to improve his mental health, according to his defense team.

Justice Ker advised him to keep going in that direction.

This will be difficult, I won’t sugarcoat it, she remarked. “As you move ahead, continue on your road of treatment and uphold the promise you made to bettering yourself throughout the sentencing hearing,” the judge said.

Exactly 14 years after his first arrest, on April 1, 2034, he will become eligible for parole.

According to Grantham’s web IMDB, his acting career began in 2007 with parts in TV movies. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “iZombie,” and “Supernatural” are among his other credits.

On “Riverdale,” where he portrayed a teenage teenager who stole his father’s van without permission and unintentionally murdered the father of the show’s lead character Archie Andrews, he had his final acting job. Luke Perry, an actor who passed away earlier this year after suffering a stroke, is honored in the episode that centers on the tragic hit-and-run.

A second-degree murder conviction carries a life sentence with a 10- to 25-year parole ineligibility period.

Source: Nsemwokrom.com