Who is Robin Kyne? Married teacher, 54, who had a sexual relationship with former pupil is banned from the profession for life

A married drama teacher was barred from teaching for life after having a sexual relationship with a female student.

Robin Kyne was a teacher and later the assistant principal at Regent College in Leicester from 2004 to 2010, according to a Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) disciplinary panel.

Pupil A told a witness at Leicester City Council, who employed Kyne, in January 2019 that she had a sexual relationship with him after she left college.

The panel determined that Kyne, now 54, failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries and physical contact with her between 2005 and 2007.

The panel studied 467 pages of Facebook messages exchanged between them in which he said ‘you know I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you’, and that a present she was planning to give him ‘might be you in a thong or something’.

The hearing was told the messages ‘very quickly became graphic and sexual in nature’.

He asked her to send him a picture of herself because he was bored, started a quickfire quiz with sexual questions, and asked her what she thought would happen if they had sex, before asking ‘when are we going to do it?’

By August 2007, he had expressed his desire to see her again, saying, ‘Can’t wait to see you again, can’t wait to be inside you xx’ and telling her, ‘You’re a sexy woman, I don’t care if you don’t do compliments.’

Who is Robin Kyne? Married teacher, 54, who had a sexual relationship with former pupil is banned from the profession for life

He messaged her at the end of the month, saying, ‘Fascination with your boobs is a relatively new thing since the ability to actually kiss them has emerged.’

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As the months went on he called her ‘boo’ and messaged her saying: ‘Still wish I was in bed with you’.

He also kissed her and touched her bottom.

Kyne did not deny entering a relationship with the girl but said it started seven months after she had ceased to be his student and had left the college.

The panel was told in October 2007 they had sex and later met up at his work conferences or at his house when his wife was away.

They also found that Kyne asked or pressured the vulnerable girl to buy and transport drugs for him between September and December 2007.

They ruled that Kyne’s conduct was of a sexual nature and was sexually motivated.

He has been banned from teaching for life.

The panel’s chair Paul Millett said: ‘Findings against Mr Kyne were serious and involved a failure to maintain appropriate professional boundaries, engaging in inappropriate physical contact with Pupil A, engaging in inappropriate relationship with Pupil A, sexually motivated conduct and conduct of a sexual nature.’

Decision maker Sarah Buxvey said: ‘Ultimately the panel considered Mr Kyne’s actions amounted to exploitation of trust; Pupil A was his student and she was vulnerable.’