Who is Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita, twitter, Instagram

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Who is Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita

If you are a “Call of Duty” fan and you love watching the popular battle royale game “Warzone” on Twitch, you’re more than likely familiar with NickMercs.

Who is Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita,

All the information you were looking for about Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff’s wife, Emumita Bonita, aka Mrs. NICKMERCS. His age, his height, who he is, how they met and much more

How old is Emumita Bonita?

Emumita Bonita was born on November 26, 1991. At the time of writing, she’s 30 years old, but she will be 31 this year

What is Emumita Bonita’s Relationship Status?

Nickmercs and Emumita Bonita announced their wedding in July 2019 on Twitter, and were married on October 10, 2020, at the Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Michigan. So currently her status is married, since she has been married to Nick Kolcheff for more than a year.

Where does Nickmercs wife live?

With her husband, Nick Kolcheff, of course, the couple lives in South Florida, USA

Do they have Pets?

Yes, and curiously, all his pets have instagram. There are three that we know of. seal point Siamese cat called Kai and two Golden Retriever/Labrador crosses called Joe and Jackson.

There are rumors that she likes chickens, but we don’t think as pets.

Who is Nickmercs’ Wife – Instagram

The truth is that Nicmercs’s wife has decided to opt for absolute discretion. In fact, since we don’t know his real name, we can’t be 100% sure, but we assume that like almost everyone, he will have a Facebook or Instagram account. What we can assure you is that she does not take advantage of her husband’s fame, and does not use his social networks to promote hers.

Of course, you only have to access @nickmercs to see tons of photos in which Nickmercs appears with his wife

If you know the Instagram of Nicmercs wife, you can leave us a comment so that we can update this article

Who is Nickmercs’ Wife – Does she play games?

As far as we know, she neither streams nor plays games, at least similar to the ones her husband plays. Another thing is that you have Candy Crush or some other similar game on your mobile

Sometimes he has appeared on the Nicmercs channel, and has even been in charge of choosing the Warzone Loadout for him. But as Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff himself admits, she doesn’t understand much about Warzone.

That yes, for some reason her appearances liked the fans, who ask for more appearances of Emu. So who knows, maybe in a few weeks we’ll see Emumita shooting on her own.


Who is Nickmercs wife Emumita Bonita,

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