Who is Nicholas Witchell

Who is Nicholas Witchell?

Nicholas Witchell is an English journalist and news presenter.

The latter half of his career has been as a royal correspondent for BBC News.

Witchell was born on 23 September 1953 in Shropshire.

Who is Nicholas Witchell

He was educated at Epsom College, a British fee-paying school in Surrey, and at Leeds University, where he read Law and edited the Leeds Student newspaper.

In 1974, Terence Dalton Limited published his book The Loch Ness Story, a history of alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

Who is Nicholas Witchell

Witchell has worked for the BBC since 1976.

He and Sue Lawley were the first readers of the BBC Six O’Clock News when the program was launched on 3 September 1984 replacing the early-evening news magazine Sixty Minutes


What is Nicholas Witchell’s net worth?

How much does Nicholas Witchell make? Career earnings, Net worth.

Nicholas Witchell is an English journalist and news presenter who has a net worth of  $8 Million.

Who is Nicholas Witchell’s wife?

Is Nicholas Witchell married? Who is his Wife?

Nicholas Witchell happily married Maria Staples.

Maria Staples is a former army officer.

Who is Nicholas Witchell’s wife

Does Nicholas Witchell have kids?

Who are Nicholas Witchell Children? Does he have a Son or daughter?

He has two daughters and currently lives in Central London with his wife Maria.

How old is Nicholas Witchell?

What is Nicholas Witchell’s age? When is his birthday?

Nicholas Witchell was born on September 23, 1953, in Cosford, United Kingdom and he is currently 68 years.

Who are Nicholas Witchell’s parents?

Who are Nicholas Witchell Mother and father? Where are his parents?

Nicholas Witchell was born to American parents. but Nicholas Witchell has not mentioned anything about his parents to the public.

Who are Nicholas Witchell’s siblings?

Who are Nicholas Witchell Brothers and Sisters, his family members

Nicholas Witchell has not mentioned anything about his siblings to the public.

What is Nicholas Witchell’s Instagram?

Nicholas Witchell is not active on Instagram.