Who is Neale Hanvey? Bio, Net worth, Wife, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who is Neale Hanvey?

James Neale Hanvey is a Scottish politician, serving as the Leader of the Alba Party in the House of Commons since 2021 and the Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath since 2019. Formerly a member of the Scottish National Party, he defected from the SNP to the Alba Party in March 2021.

Who is Neale Hanvey?

Born in Belfast, Hanvey was the son of James Stafford Hanvey and Mary Isobel Ismay Hanvey née Withers. He was educated at Glenrothes High School before starting a twenty-five-year career in the National Health Service.

In 2005, he was appointed as divisional nurse director for rare cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital. He has been a contributing author to medical textbooks.

Who is Neale Hanvey?

Hanvey is one of 45 openly LGBT MPs. He lives in Fife with his partner, Avelino del Carmen Prado Cortes, and two sons. The couple has been together since 1994 and entered into a civil partnership in 2011.

He lists his recreations as “composing electronic music have previously released material under the name ‘Security Blue’, swimming, music, film”.

What is Neale Hanvey’s net worth?

James Neale Hanvey has a net worth of $10 million.

Who is Neale Hanvey’s wife?

James Neale Hanvey is married to Avelino del Carmen Prado Cortes.

Does Neale Hanvey have kids?

James Neale Hanvey has two children.

How old is Neale Hanvey?

James Neale Hanvey was born on December 28, 1964 (age 57 years).

Who are Neale Hanvey’s Parents?

James Strafford Hanvey and Mary Isobel are the parents of James Neale Hanvey

Who are Neale Hanvey’s siblings?

There is no information about Neale Hanvey’s siblings

What is Neale Hanvey’s Instagram?

Neale Hanvey is active on Instagram as @neale.hanvey