Who is Mike Tomlin?

Michael Pettaway Tomlin is an American football coach who is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League (NFL).

Since joining the Steelers in 2007, he has led the team to ten playoff runs, seven division titles, three AFC Championship Games, two Super Bowl appearances, and a title in Super Bowl XLIII.


At age 36, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl, a record which was later beaten by Sean McVay in Super Bowl LVI. Tomlin has never had a losing record during his 15 seasons as a head coach, which is the longest current streak in the NFL.

What is Mike Tomlin’s net worth?

Mike Tomlin is the current head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, earning $6 million per year in salary and having a net worth of $16 million.

Who is Mike Tomlin’s wife?

Kiya Winston, an African American fashion designer, owns a studio and serves a diverse clientele. She is well recognized for being married to Mike Tomlin, a well-known individual.


Does Mike Tomlin have kids?

Coach Mike Tomlin is blessed with three children: a girl named Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, two sons named Michael Dean Tomlin, and Mason Reid Tomlin.

Who is Mike Tomlin

How old is Mike Tomlin?

Mike Tomlin is 50 years old and was born on March 15, 1972.

Who are Mike Tomlin’s Parents?

The parents of Mike Tomlin are Ed and Julia Tomlin. In the 1960s, Ed Tomlin played football for Hampton Institute.

Ed played in the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes after being selected by the Baltimore Colts.

Who are Mike Tomlin’s siblings?

Tomlin was the youngest son of two boys when he was born. Eddie Tomlin, his older brother, is three and a half years older than him.

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What is Mike Tomlin’s Instagram?

Mike Tomlin’s Instagram account is @officialmiketomlin