Who is Louis Wrigh

Who is Louis Wrigh?

A TikTok star was left bewildered after a McDonald’s drive-thru refused to serve him a vegan McPlant burger with real cheese even after offering to buy a slice in a separate box.

Louis Wright, a 25-year-old vegetarian, requested the plant-based burger in Poole on Sunday night, but with “regular cheese instead of vegan cheese,” which he claims “tastes like rubber.”

However, the employee turned down his request, saying: “We can’t do that since it goes against the entire vegan thing.”


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Louis made a compromise by asking for a McPlant without cheese and a separate cheeseburger carrying everything, which allowed him to have a piece of cheese to go on the vegan burger.

A worker then arrived at his car and claimed he may be “fired” if he placed the slice in since it “goes against the entire vegan thing,” but this was also declined.

Who is Louis Wrigh

Mr. Wright, who is also a musician, told MailOnline that he recorded his encounter after being turned down for a piece of cheese the day prior when returning home by train from London.

TikToker piece of genuine cheese with a McPlant burger is rejected by McD’s personnel.

Louis Wright, a 25-year-old vegetarian, asked if he could purchase a vegan cheese-free cheeseburger on the side with everything but the cheese slice removed.

He said on TikTok that he had a cheeseless burger and that he “wanted to be a man who eats cheese.”

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At this point, he requests a piece of cheese on its own so he may eat it with the McPlant.

The vegan McPlant burger was introduced by McDonald’s in the UK in September of last year, but vegetarian Louis Wright claims the vegan cheese “tastes like rubber.”

Louis made a concession by requesting a McPlant without the cheese and then requesting, “Could I just have a slice of cheese separately?”

Yes, that’s OK, the employee said.

A worker eventually approached his vehicle window, but when she did, she informed him, “You can’t do that I’m afraid since it’s a vegan product.”

He stated that he would be prepared to spend £1.19 for a cheeseburger and a cheese slice in a separate package.


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I want a McPlant without the cheese. Then I’ll eat a cheeseburger that has only the cheese and comes in a package.

I’ll purchase a cheeseburger at full price. Without bread or any other ingredients but cheese, all I want is a cheeseburger.

The restaurant manager continued to refuse Louis the cheese slice while he was in his car.

The manager informed Louis, “I’m not going to sell it to you because you’re going to put it in the burger.”

I’m entitled to do that; it’s not up to you to decide whether or not I can put cheese on my burger, Louis remarked.


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The manager said that you cannot put regular cheese in the burger. If you complain to our central office, they will tell you the same thing.

Okay, I’m not going to do that; I just want a slice of cheese separately, Louis retorted.

If you put it there and post “see what we’ve done” on social media, the manager warned, “I’m the one who gets fired.”

It’s entirely up to me whether I go home and put a brick in it before biting into it and announcing, “Look, I discovered a brick in my burger.”

“Dude, I just want a slice of cheese.”

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