Who is LonnieDaGoat

Who is LonnieDaGoat?

LonnieDaGoat, a rapper from South Baltimore, was shot and killed this week, according to his family.

Rapper LonnieDaGoat from Baltimore passed away. On the morning of Tuesday, September 20, the rapper from “Hero, No Cape” was found dead from a gunshot wound in Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey.

He was 24. A suspect is still at large, and the shooting’s purpose is yet unknown.

On Tuesday, Cherry Hill’s 2800 block of Bookert Drive saw the arrival of Baltimore Police after paramedics had already declared a man with a gunshot wound dead.


Delon Bushrod Jr., 24, who used the stage name LonnieDaGoat in his music career, was shot, according to his parents Delon Bushrod Sr. and Kia Fenner-Bushrod.

Bushrod’s identification was confirmed by the police early on Friday.

Kia Fenner-Bushrod, Bushrod’s mother, said she was concerned when her son, who used to contact her every night, started picking up the phone.

She arrived at the site after seeing a Facebook post about a dead corpse in Cherry Hill, where she handed a detective a photo of her son that featured his tattoos. She said, “That’s how they recognized him.”

Bushrod was regarded by family members as silly yet ambitious, endowed with a huge smile and strong charisma.

There are roughly 4,000 subscribers and more than a million views on the Da Goat YouTube channel. His songs have references to Cherry Hill, especially “YIP,” a favorite of his mother’s.

Who is LonnieDaGoat

Bushrod and his fiancée had recently relocated to Anne Arundel County after spending most of their life in Cherry Hill, according to his mother.

His mother remarked, “There’s just been an emptiness in my heart right now. “I simply want people to remember my son as a gifted young man whose life was cut short due to someone else’s ignorance,” the mother said.

Bushrod was a quarterback and wide receiver for the football team at Edmondson-Westside High School after playing for the Cherry Hill Eagles, according to his mother.

When his family met at his parent’s house on Sunday night to watch a Ravens game and have a feast that included ham, baked macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, sauerkraut, and pigtails, Bushrod was last seen by them.

22-year-old Deairra Bushrod characterized her brother as extremely creative and modest. “My brother simply had greatness written all over him. He was a great composer, she remarked.

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