Who is Libby Adame? California Mom Pleaded not Guilty to Murder with daughter after Woman dies in illegal Buttocks Procedure

Who is Libby Adame?

A California mother identified as Libby Adame, 52 with her daughter, Alicia Galaz, 24 have pleaded not guilty after they were charged with the murder of 26-year-old Karrissa Rajpaul who died during an illegal, plastic surgical procedure.

In connection with the death of a lady who had an unlawful procedure for a butt lift in Los Angeles, a mother, and her daughter were arraigned on murder charges on Wednesday.

Libby Adame and her daughter were also charged with three felony counts of practicing medicine without a certificate.

Adame and Galvez were arrested last year for the woman’s October 2019 death at a private home.

The pair used social media to advertise their low-rate, cash-based operation, according to authorities.

Who is Libby Adame

According to the lawsuit from August 2021, Adame and Galaz “did illegally and with malice aforethought kill Karissa Rajpaul, a human person,” on October 15, 2019.

In an “outlaw buttocks augmentation procedure,” the women injected Rajpaul’s buttocks with “an uncontained, liquid silicone substance,” which experts told Rolling Stone can travel through the bloodstream like a blood clot and possibly cause sudden death.

This was stated in a press release from the Los Angeles Police Department announcing the arrests. When rescue personnel came, she was unconscious, according to Rajpaul’s autopsy report.

After the injections, he claimed he could tell Rajpaul had a problem and he attempted to get Adame and Galaz to assist her. “Look, you guys should take her to a hospital,” I urged them, “he said. “Oh, no, she’ll be alright, they said. She obviously wasn’t okay.

She was not answering. She simply had a dejected appearance. I started giving her mouth-to-mouth when she started fainting. Call 911! I shouted. Make a 911 call straight away. This is absurd. You’re absolutely nuts.

Since Adame and Galaz’s arrests, the LAPD informed Rolling Stone that almost 100 additional people had come forward, some of whom had spoken with Rolling Stone, claiming to have been injured by Adame and Galaz’ actions.

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