Who is Joanna Lumley? Bio, Net worth, Husband, Children, Age, Parents, Instagram

Who is Joanna Lumley?

Dame Joanna Lamond Lumley DBE FRGS is an English actress, presenter, former model, author, television producer, and activist.

Who is Joanna Lumley?

Joanna Lamond Lumley was born on 1 May 1946 in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, in the last days of British India.

Both sides of her family had generations of service to the Raj, with many relatives born there.

She has an older sister, Arlene.

Her mother, Thyra Beatrice Rose, was English.

Her grandfather Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Weir had been born in Ghazipur and served as an army officer in Kashmir; he was a close friend of the 13th Dalai Lama.

Who is Joanna Lumley?

Lumley’s son, James, was born in 1967. His father is photographer Michael Claydon. She was briefly married to actor Jeremy Lloyd in 1970.

She married the conductor Stephen Barlow in 1986; they live in London. They also own a house near the village of Penpont, Dumfriesshire, in Scotland.

Lumley supports over 60 charities and has been a vegetarian for 40 years. She has donated books to Book Aid International.

What is Joanna Lumley’s net worth?

Joanna Lumley has a net worth of $20 Million.

Who is Joanna Lumley’s husband?

Joanna Lumley is married to Stephen Barlow.

Who is Joanna Lumley's husband?

Does Joanna Lumley have kids?

Jamie Lumley is the only child of Joanna Lumley.

Does Joanna Lumley have kids?

How old is Joanna Lumley?

Joanna Lumley was born on May 1, 1946 (age 76 years)

Who are Joanna Lumley’s Parents?

James Rutherford Lumley and Beatrice Rose Weir are the parents of Joanna Lumley.

Who are Joanna Lumley's Parents?

Who are Joanna Lumley’s siblings?

Arlene Frey is the only sibling to Joanna Lumley.

Who are Joanna Lumley's siblings?

What is Joanna Lumley’s Instagram?

Joanna Lumley is not active on instagram.