Who is Jimmy Dore?

James Patrick Anthony Dore (born July 26, 1965) is an American comedian, political commentator, and YouTube personality. He is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedy talk show on YouTube where he interviews guests of a political, economic, or scientific nature.

Who is Jimmy Dore?

Dore’s material is often presented in a satirical way that involves sketch comedy routines, which are known for their criticisms of the Democratic Party.

Dore started as a comedian in Illinois in 1989 and made several appearances on late-night comedy shows early in his comedy career. From 2005 onward, his performances increasingly included his own political commentary.

Who is Jimmy Dore?

A self-described progressive, Dore was affiliated with The Young Turks from 2009 to 2019, where he first produced his program The Jimmy Dore Show and appeared on a Young Turks Network show titled Aggressive Progressives.

What is Jimmy Dore’s net worth?

Jimmy Dore’s net worth is $4 million as reported by celebritynetworth.com

Who is Jimmy Dore’s wife?

Jimmy Dore is married to Stefane Zamorano.

She is an actress, comedienne, and co-producer for ‘The Jimmy Dore Show.

Who is Jimmy Dore?

She was also an English teacher at a high school for close to two decades.

The couple has been living together since 1997 and has purchased a house in Los Angeles’ Studio City.

Does Jimmy Dore have kids?

There is no factual information regarding Jimmy Dore’s kids on any public platform.

How old is Jimmy Dore?

Born on July 26, 1965, Jimmy Dore is currently 56 years old.

Who are Jimmy Dore’s parents?

Although Jimmy Dore remains open about his joyous childhood, he has publicly not spoken much about his parents.

He has however said on several occasions that his parents were the ones who pushed him into comedy.

Does Jimmy Dore have siblings?

Born in southwest Chicago, Illinois, Jimmy Dore was raised alongside eleven siblings.

He is the youngest of seven boys.

Jimmy Dore became accustomed to performing in front of an audience early in life as a result of his large family, and he used comedy to avoid beatings from his older brothers.