Who is Jemma Mitchell? UK Woman Jailed for 34 years on Live TV for Beheading

Jemma Mitchell, 38, became the first woman in the United Kingdom to be sentenced live on television for the murder of Mee Kuen Chong, 67, and the disposal of her headless body in woodlands more than 200 miles away in Salcombe, Devon.

Judge Richard Marks KC described her as “extremely devious” when he sentenced her on Friday.

“You have shown absolutely no remorse,” he told her at the Old Bailey. “It appears you are in complete denial as to what you did, despite the overwhelming evidence against you.

Jemma Mitchell

“The enormity of your crime is profoundly shocking, even more so given your apparent religious devotion as well as the fact that Deborah Chong was a good friend to you and had shown you good kindness,” he said.

Mitchell and her mother were living in a house in Willesden, northwest London, when they were cheated out of the majority of the £230,000 they paid two builders to add another floor to the property, according to Judge Marks.

“This proved to be your undoing,” he said.

Mitchell, an alternative therapist, was given £200,000 by her victim but decided to murder her and forge a will in order to inherit the remainder of Ms Chong’s estate.

Mitchell denied any involvement in her death and refused to testify during the trial.

On the morning of June 11, last year, jurors saw Mitchell arrive at Ms Chong’s home in Wembley, northwest London, carrying a large blue suitcase.

Who is Jemma Mitchell? UK Woman Jailed for 34 years on Live TV for Beheading

She emerged from the property more than five hours later, the suitcase looking bulkier and heavier.

Judge Marks said: “That large suitcase contained Deborah Chong’s body. I have no doubt that you killed her when inside her house.”

Mitchell claimed Ms Chong had gone to visit family friends “somewhere close to the ocean” after her lodger reported her missing.

According to the prosecution, Mitchell kept her remains in the garden of the house she shared with her retired mother until June 26, when she loaded the suitcase into a hired car and drove down to Devon.

The court heard that the hire car was booked with a phone stolen from her dead neighbor’s house, whose signature she also used to witness the fake will she wrote.

Mitchell was forced to pull into a service station on her way to Salcombe after her car blew a tyre. Jurors heard a repairman who changed the wheel describe a “odd musty smell” inside the vehicle.

Who is Jemma Mitchell? UK Woman Jailed for 34 years on Live TV for Beheading

She dumped her body and head near Bennett Road in Salcombe after the delay.

The next day, tourists discovered Ms. Chong’s headless body. Following a police search, her skull was discovered a few metres away from her body.

Ms Chong had a skull fracture and other injuries consistent with an assault, according to a post-mortem examination.

Mitchell and Ms Chong, who met through church, had exchanged several messages about renovating Mitchell’s home, according to the court.

Who is Jemma Mitchell? UK Woman Jailed for 34 years on Live TV for Beheading

The judge went on to say that they were both “devout Christians.”

Mitchell decided to murder her victim after she refused to give her the £200,000 she needed to renovate her £4 million home.

Ms Chong had a “serious history of mental illness,” was on anti-psychotic medication, and was “particularly vulnerable, both mentally and physically” before her death, according to the judge.

He also said that as part of her degree in human sciences from King’s College London, Mitchell “was taught anatomy” and “had experience in the dissection of human bodies”

Who is Jemma Mitchell? UK Woman Jailed for 34 years on Live TV for Beheading

“That no doubt stood you in good stead,” he said.

Judge Marks said there were three aggravating factors to Mitchell’s crimes – her planning, her victim’s vulnerability and “the chilling aspect” of what she did to the victim’s body after she died.

She had a previous conviction for breach of a non-molestation order, but was of “effective previous good character”.