Who is Jarno Errens?

Jarno Errens is a 27-year-old male fighter from the Netherlands with a pro-MMA record of 13-3-1.
Errens most recently fought Alisher Abdullaev on Saturday, August 6, 2022, at BRAVE CF 61.
Jarno Errens won the Featherweight division by decision over Alisher Abdullaev at 5:00 of Round 3.
Jarno Errens has 13 victories with a 62% finish rate, including three knockouts, five submissions, and five decisions.

Who is Jarno Errens

What is Jarno Errens’s Net worth?

How much does Jarno Errens make? Career earnings, Net worth

Jarno Errens has kept his net worth away from the public.

Who is Jarno Errens’s girlfriend?

Is he in a relationship? Who is his Girlfriend?

Williams Gomis is currently dating his long-time girlfriend, Lois Suzanna.

Who is Jarno Errens's girlfriend

Does Jarno Errens have Kids?

Does Jarno Errens Chirico have a son or daughter, who are his children?

Jarno Errens currently does not have any children. He is in a relationship with Lois Suzanna.

How old is Jarno Errens?

What is Jarno Errens age? When is his birthday?

Jarno Errens was born on Nov 17, 1994, and he is currently 27 years old.

Who are Jarno Errens’s Parents?

Who are Jarno Errens Mother and father? Where are his parents?

Jarno Errens has never spoken of his parents to the public.

Who are Jarno Errens’s Siblings?

Who are Jarno Errens Brothers and Sisters, his family members

Details about the life of Jarno Errens’s sibling are not available at the moment.

What is Jarno Errens’s Instagram?

Jarno Errens is not active on Instagram.